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This is part two of a four-part review of Realtime Worlds’ new MMO APB. Yesterday, I talked about installing the game and creating a character. Today: the grind.

Life in San Paro is pretty simple. Rob as a Criminal, or stop Criminals as an Enforcer. I chose to be an Enforcer, and after a short tutorial level, fell into the standard MMO grind — go here, pick this up, go there, rinse and repeat. Unlike most MMOs, APB plays like a shooter — there’s a reticule, and you’ve got to line it up on your target to get anything done. But its “missions” are definitely MMO fare — they’re standard, multi-step and pretty interchangeable: hold this point, deliver this item, steal this car.

But here’s how APB sets itself apart: while you play the game, you’re constantly being offered missions and being grouped with people on the same job, but the other side is getting offers too. When they’re paired up in the same mission you are, an APB goes out, sirens flash on the screen, and then it’s on, one faction against another.

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