While E3 attendees file out of a darkened room after a demonstration of the new Mortal Kombat, series co-creator Ed Boon is approached by a pair of enthusiastic fans. He gladly gives them a few autographs, and his face lights up in surprise when he learns that they’ve grown enamored with the fighting franchise in their 18 years of existence — despite being born well after its inception. Has Mortal Kombat really been around for almost 20 years?

Working from NetherRealm Studios — owned by Mortal Kombat‘s new custodian, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment — Ed Boon doesn’t limit his interaction with fans to chance encounters. The upcoming reboot is being driven by three major requests from series fans, which Boon calls his “marching orders.” They’ve suggested a return to the M-rated presentation following 2008′s Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe (check), a deeper fighting system (check) and, of course, a new set of outrageous fatalities (check out that perforated spleen).

Boon claims that every combatant’s interior, from the soon-to-be-shattered bones to the sickeningly squishy internal organs, has been modeled. It’s not often that you get to literally see an artist’s blood, sweat and tears in a game, but Boon assures me that when attacks find their mark, all “that shit pours out of them. “

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