I know, I know — a preview of a tech demo? In fairness, this one kind of blew my mind. Here’s the skinny: outside of games we’re assigned to play, there’s rarely extra time while covering the controlled madness of E3 for Joystiq writers to check out something they’re personally interested in … other than the last day, that is. So, last Thursday, several of us who had yet to check out the Nintendo 3DS sneaked in a few personal moments with the device everyone was buzzing about.

Upon first entering the 3DS area of Nintendo’s E3 2010 booth, Nintendogs + Cats was available to pet, and an array of 3DSes with 3D trailers weren’t too far away — these featured everything from Mario Kart 64, which looked stunning, to a new Pilotwings title (hooray!). What impressed me the most, though, didn’t star Mario or Chris Redfield or Solid Snake — it was Pong. Alright, so, the Nintendo rep walking around the area with a 3DS chained to her waist (no joke) referred to it as “Paddle Ball,” but for all intents and purposes, it was 3D Pong.

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