Facebook to roll out security feature

There, it will show where else the Facebook account is logged in, including the type of device and the city it’s in or near. AP and smh.com.au The feature is similar to the feature Google’s Gmail offers its users, and Facebook said it would help users keep their logins secure. Facebook said it was making the service available over the next couple of weeks, accessible on computers, but not mobile devices. It follows the news of a Sydney mother-of-three, her daughter and daughter’s friends being subjected to a two-week ordeal at the hands of a Facebook stalker they have been unable to get the social networking company to do anything about. Facebook is rolling out a new security feature that lets users log out of their accounts remotely from another computer. To log out of any of them, click “end activity”. To access the feature, users should go to “account settings” on their Facebook page and click on “change” next to “account security”.

Gamers fume as states delay lifting ban on R 18+ video games

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- December 10, 2010, 5:14PM
- December 10, 2010, 5:26PM

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- December 10, 2010, 5:16PM
Jeez I feel pretty pessimistic on climate change action, if this one is so immediate and seeming cut and dried ( ie not controvertial for most voters! ) 80-90% minimum of the populace want it( 96% for by the SMH survey so far ), no proof that it is detrimental( what makes us so different to the rest of the western world? ), but Oz governments fail to deliver yet again……

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- December 10, 2010, 5:19PM

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- December 10, 2010, 5:10PM
They certainly don’t support this part of the “wider community” and the 98.4% (that seems pretty wide) that recognise this move for what it is – something that’s increasingly well overdue. They can take their dark age beliefs back to the dark ages. Who are the Australian Christian Lobby to tell me what I can or can’t play?

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looks like this will be their strategy (delay, delay, delay). what an embarrassment! oh well, australia still being held by a bunch of backward politicians.

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and once again the leaders of our country demonstrate how utterly incompetent they are.. ..

| Sydney


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| Sydney

And once again, the churchies, oops I mean “people” have spoken.
They don’t give a damned about what the Australian community wants. This decision only proves one thing: Politicians only interest in one view, and that view is of their own view. Politicians still treats mature Australian adults as little kiddies.

- December 10, 2010, 5:15PM

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| Ivanhoe

Gamers have today been left disappointed after State and Territory Attorneys-General failed to unanimously agree on lifting the ban on R 18+ adults-only video games in Australia. State and Territory Attorneys-General, along with the Commonwealth’s, met behind closed doors in Canberra this morning to discuss whether video games should have an R 18+ adults-only video game classification. But gamers have been left disappointed after Commonwealth Censorship Minister Brendan O’Connor announced this afternoon that State and Territory Attorneys-General had not reached the unanimous agreement required.
I agree with ST of Sydney … not that it will stop me obtaining games baned in this country … HOW DARE these INDIVIDUALS hold up something that the AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC wants … WHO GIVES THESE PEOPLE TO RIGHT TO CHOOSE ON OUR BEHALF !! The right should be taken away from the states and handed to the federal govt! SIMPLE AS THAT !!!!!!!! All these people do is encourage us gamers to buy overseas … I never voted for these people! I am DISGUSTED WITH THESE INDIVIDUALS!

Very happy to hear that we won’t be geting the r rating anytime soon. We need to protect kids from idiot parents who refuse to heed classification warnings and think that as video games are kid’s toys (as they should be) they’re all safe to play with.

Poll: Should Australia have an R 18+ video game rating?

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I propose a referendum on removing classification decisions from the states. It is a federal issue, not a state one, and it is sad that it only takes one conservative state to stymie the introduction of a better classification system.
- December 10, 2010, 5:16PM

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- December 10, 2010, 5:07PM
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Various surveys have been done, and in December 2009 the Commonwealth Censorship Minister Brendan O’Connor called for submissions from the public on whether Australia should have an R 18+ rating. In a media release, Council president Elizabeth Handsley said that it was “evident many of the public rightly wanted greater protections for children from the impacts of very violent computer games”. But Atkinson resigned in March. The Twitter “hashtag” used by most users to discuss R 18+ in Australia was the number one trending topic on the social networking website throughout the day. State and Territory legislative amendments may also be needed, for instance, they may wish to apply specific offences and penalties for selling R18+ games to minors,” a spokesperson for Commonwealth Censorship Minister Brendan O’Connor said before this afternoon’s announcement. The consultation process found 98.4 per cent of the more than 58,000 respondents backed the move. But she said the public had “been misled as to what it means to create an R18+ classification for games”. Curry also believed that the concept of “tweaking” a game that should be adults-only so that it could be “wedged” into an Australian MA 15+ rating was silly. Yesterday afternoon, O’Connor released [PDF] an international comparison of video games, showing the difference between Australian ratings and those for the same gaming titles overseas. The views of the CEO of the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association Ron Curry, three professors, two religious groups – the Australian Catholic Media Council’s Peter Ingham and the Australian Christian Lobby’s Jim Wallace – and that of the director of the Classification Board, Donald McDonald, were heard at the briefing today, which began at 10am. This has meant that video games have either been rejected (and therefore banned from sale in Australia) by the Classification Board or modified by the company releasing the title to tone down anything in it which may get it rejected from a classification of MA 15+ (the highest rating available), such as excessive violence. He believes that video game classification needs to have an R 18+ rating to cater for the rising age of people who play video games. CEO of the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association Ron Curry has a different view. Furthermore, the federal government has released a paper which shows that many games which have been given adults-only ratings in other countries are released in Australia at MA15+, meaning kids are exposed to potentially more violent content under the existing regulations. “Bureaucrats in the Attorney-General’s Department have been too quick to dismiss credible academic literature which shows a link between violent interactive video games and aggressive behaviour.”

He said that there was “acknowledgement from both sides of politics that the classification system is broken” and that the idea of “using it to legalise more offensive and potentially dangerous material” made “no sense”. For a change to occur will require unanimous agreement between State, Territory and the Commonwealth Attorneys-General, according to the federal government. “All Classification Ministers must agree to the change for it to progress. because everyone was aware that there was no chance [of introducing an R 18+ rating] with him against it”. “This Friday’s meeting of State and Commonwealth Attorneys-General is not a done deal and State Ministers should be free to make up their own minds based on the academic evidence and the concerns of parents without undue pressure from the Commonwealth,” he said in a statement. We need to protect children from unsuitable games and we need to make sure that adults are allowed to play the games they want to play,” Kotaku reported him as saying. But the Australian Christian Lobby’s Jim Wallace has said O’Conner’s support for lifting the ban on video games with a higher rating of MA 15+ was “not in the interests of children or the wider community”. The Australian Council on Children and the Media has also been critical of the R 18+ push. If changed, it would allow “adults to be treated as adults” and give a “full toolkit” to parents as to what their children should or should not be allowed to play. “Doing so is not the answer to children’s need for greater protection,” she said. Serrels said that when Atkinson was in power it “meant that [an R18 + rating] was basically not even a discussing point … To date, video games sold in Australia have had to go through a classification system which has only allowed for them to be classified G, PG, M or MA 15+ – but not R 18+ or X 18+, of which films can be classified. If it were agreed unanimously, the Commonwealth would then need to amend its own legislation to create an R18+ classification [and] set the parameters for the new rating. The Australian Capital Territory also supports it. “It could’ve gone better, but there was a lot of goodwill in the room, and everyone agreed that things need to be changed with the rating system. But the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales governments had previously refused to air their views. “If it is an adult narrative, let’s keep it that way.”

Editor of the Australian gaming website Kotaku, Mark Serrels, said the introduction of an R 18+ rating was, until recent times, never going to happen, with the former Attorney-General of South Australia, Michael Atkinson, being vocal about his opposition to such a rating. This reporter is on Twitter: @bengrubb A national telephone survey also showed that 80 per cent of respondents supported an adults-only rating for video games. The comparison found that more than two-thirds of the sample of Australian rated MA 15+ video games were restricted to adults-only in comparative countries, such as New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany and Singapore, as well as the Pan European Game Information system that includes 30 European nations, a statement from O’Connor’s office said. “It’s disappointing that an adult rating for video games will be delayed once again despite mass support from the Australian community, whether it is from adult gamers who want the right to play games that appeal to them or parents who want clear guidelines for their children,” CEO of the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association, Ron Curry, said. The Commonwealth has supported the move, along with Tasmania, which said it supported it “in principle”, Queensland, which said it “appears to have some merit”, and South Australia, which agreed that it could be made to work. O’Connor told gaming blog kotaku.com.au that today’s meeting “could’ve gone better” but that there was “a lot of goodwill in the room” among Attorneys-General. Atkinson’s resignation, according to Serrels, “was a big step” forward for the introduction of an adults-only rating, as it paved the way for debate to occur between Attorneys-General knowing that there was a possibility of it actually getting somewhere.

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- December 10, 2010, 5:23PM

- December 10, 2010, 5:15PM
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96% of the population agree an R18+ classification is needed. Good to see democracy at work…

UK govt cancels plans for video game tax relief

TIGA’s years-long campaign to bring tax relief to the UK video game industry has come to a rather disappointing conclusion. Chancellor George Osbourne (pictured above) revealed the nation’s budget plans earlier today during a speech at Westminster, announcing that “planned tax relief for the video games industry will be canceled. ” According to TIGA CEO Richard Wilson, this surprising omission flies in the face of “pre-election pledges made by the Conservative Party and by the Liberal Democrats to support and introduce Games Tax Relief.”

GamesIndustry. biz points out that Osbourne’s proposed budget still benefits smaller, start-up developers in select parts of England, who will receive exemptions for £5,000 (about $7,400) of National Insurance contributions for each of their first 10 new hires; though this doesn’t come close to the sweeping tax reform promised to the UK games industry just a little over a month ago.

[Image credit: Auto Express]

JoystiqUK govt cancels plans for video game tax relief originally appeared on Joystiq on Wed, 23 Jun 2010 03:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Bag a nice pre-order bonus with DJ Hero 2 at Gamestop

Copies of the DJ Hero 2 turntable bundle or “Party Bundle” from Gamestop will include the Puma turntable bag seen above. As far as pre-order bonuses go, this is basically a win-win for Activision, Gamestop, and you (probably Puma as well).

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JoystiqBag a nice pre-order bonus with DJ Hero 2 at Gamestop originally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 02 Jul 2010 19:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Sony announces $10 PSP games, PSP Go deal

Following the announcement of Sony Europe’s PSP Essentials line, Sony is introducing a line of super-cheap $10 PSP games to North America. The “PSP Favorites” line, launching today, includes first-party hits like LocoRoco 2, Patapon 2, PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe and Twisted Metal: Head On; as well as third-party games like Silent HIll: Origins, Justice League Heroes and others. The full launch list of “PSP Favorites” titles is posted after the break.

In addition, four games have been added to the slightly-more-expensive Greatest Hits collection: Gran Turismo, LittleBigPlanet, Resistance: Retribution and Secret Agent Clank. Each is priced at $20.

But wait, there’s more! Sony has also announced a voucher for three games with the purchase of a PSP Go system from now through March 31. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, LittleBigPlanet and SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 are now free with the purchase of a system. With those games costing a combined $80 at retail, that means the PSP Go is basically the same price as a PSP 3000 right now — at least, if you were going to buy all three of those games.

Continue reading Sony announces $10 PSP games, PSP Go deal

JoystiqSony announces $10 PSP games, PSP Go deal originally appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 01 Jun 2010 17:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Facebook ‘frenemies’ most likely to hurt kids

Internet safety advocate Robyn Treyvaud said when she asks a class of year 4 students if they are on Facebook, most put up their hands. Peer group pressure is forcing increasing numbers of primary school-aged children to sign up to the popular social media site without the knowledge of their parents. “Parents will spend a fortune teaching their children to swim or drive but not any energy, money or emotional effort to teach their kids to stay safe online.” Mosman Public School principal Kate Cooper has warned parents in her newsletter about children signing up for Facebook. trawling cyberspace”. “Evidence shows the greatest harm comes from their peer group, not the dodgy online stranger or predator.”

The international Norton Online Living report found that 62 per cent of children aged eight to 17 have had a negative experience online, such as accessing inappropriate content, cyber bullying, giving out personal information and importing computer viruses. “We make assumptions that because the kids are tech-savvy and know how to sign up to Facebook accounts without mum and dad knowing about it, they can do all the navigation of the technology, but they are not equipped to navigate the sorts of negative experiences they have when they go online. Police school-liaison officers in the Hunter have been invited to schools after incidents involving children on social networking sites. One involved a year 3 student defaming a teacher. Child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg said children using social media was “one of the great unaddressed public health issues of our time”. He said children “do not really understand there are paedophiles… Senior Constable Michael Steele told The Newcastle Herald a 10-year-old boy told him he had been chatting online with a man in Queensland. Ms Cooper wrote that some parents were

“unaware that children must be over 13 years of age to sign up… Ms Treyvaud, who advises schools on cyber safety, said the children are naive about the impact of sharing personal information online and are influenced by hearing older children talking about Facebook. “Kids who are 10 don’t want to be 10 online. POLICE and teachers are warning parents that children as young as eight are at risk from cyber bullies and online predators because they are flouting Facebook website age restrictions. Whilst this is not strictly a school matter, we are very concerned about internet safety”. Childhood experts said these children have to lie about their age because users have to be over 13 to create a Facebook account. They want to be the cool 18-year-old and the reality is they can be,” Ms Treyvaud said.

Stroke of genius: Okami’s Amaterasu in Marvel vs.

Joining the mighty Thor in Marvel vs. Capcom 3‘s character lineup is Amaterasu, sun goddess, white wolf and star of Capcom’s Okami. She may be the smallest fighter on the roster, but, as you can see in the video after the break, she’s as fierce as she is amazingly rendered.

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JoystiqStroke of genius: Okami’s Amaterasu in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 originally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 23 Jul 2010 19:40:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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A seller’s dream: location, location, location

Furthermore 39 per cent asked for directions to their nearest restaurant. Increasingly advertisers are opting to have their location shown on Google’s map products so that when a query is typed into Google’s search engine on a mobile phone up comes an address and phone number for that business and, most importantly, how to get there. Location-based marketing – whether it be harvesting information about your whereabouts or simply sending you ads – is the next boom area for marketers.   Jason Buchanan of GPS Innovations, a company specialising in satellite positioning technology, said devices can be fitted on handbags, suitcases or simply clipped on to a person to help market researchers track their movements as they move around the city. ”Location is the new demographic. By the end of the year ads for fast food operators, petrol stations, hotels and pharmacies will begin appearing on mobile phones that have opted in to receive advertising messages. WHERE you are rather than who you are appears to be what the marketers want to know. It’s not just about age, gender and socio-economics,” said Kirk Mitchell vice-president of sales at Navteq, which is behind the new technology. ”Now an advertiser can reach consumers when they are in a geographic position to buy and, in many cases, compel them to do so with coupons and special offers.”

Google reports one in three searches made by people on their smartphones is for information about services close to their location. Mobile phones and satellite navigation systems are emerging as tools for companies to help them investigate shopping habits as well as serve up ads based on your location. In trials Navteq ran in Europe for a fast food chain, recipients were 14 times more likely to click through for more information than a regular banner ad on a mobile phone. The technology could be used to track young people’s safe driving habits so that they could get better deals from insurers. All too often when asked by market researchers to recall where we were, what we did and how long we spent doing it, the mind goes blank. Similar ads will appear on car satellite navigation systems as soon as the company that owns the technology is able to figure out how to prevent the ads from distracting drivers. But marketers are also considering the use of global satellite technology to verify market research.

Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is playing catch-up

The Joystiq Podcast wasn’t the only regular feature that we were to slammed to produce last week — the rigors of E3 2010 also prevented us from doing the Weekly Webcomic Wrapup. As such, we’ve decided to include our favorite comics from the past two weeks this time around. We’re sure you won’t mind; as busy as we were writing the news last week, we’re sure you were equally busy consuming it.

Below you’ll find our seven favorite comics from the past fourteen days. Give them all a once-over, and vote for your favorite in the poll posted after the jump!

Finally (Brawl in the Family)
This is Why (Virtual Shackles)
Evolution (Extra Life)
Establishing Kinection (Digital Unrest)
Secreting Digestive Ichor (Penny Arcade)
It Would Literally Blow Your Mind (Of Noobs and Men)
What Fans Want (Nerf Now)

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Justin Bieber advertising Kinect on tour

The war for dominance over the motion-controlled gaming market escalated significantly earlier this week, when Microsoft’s Kinect gained an endorsement from one of the world’s foremost cultural leaders: Teen sensation Justin Bieber. Click past the jump to see the intro video to one of Bieber’s recent performances: A clip which shows Bieber and company trying out Dance Central and Kinect Adventures, unlocking a few lucrative (albeit fake) Achivements along the way.

Of course, that’s just the first half of the video posted after the break. We won’t judge you for watching the second half of said video, which features Bieber’s opening number. We’re not too proud to admit that we viewed the entire thing — but only because we’re fascinated by the technology which must have gone into creating this bionic boy.

Continue reading Justin Bieber advertising Kinect on tour

JoystiqJustin Bieber advertising Kinect on tour originally appeared on Joystiq on Sat, 26 Jun 2010 15:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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