Another busy week in MMO news from Joystiq sister site Massively. com, as Star Wars: The Old Republic reveals more info on species and advanced careers, Guild Wars 2 reinvents the stale MMO quest mechanic and Dungeons & Dragons Online inches its way towards MMO domination on the NPD charts:

Species and advanced careers unleashed in Star Wars: The Old Republic
Okay fans, you can finally sit back and quit wearing out the the edge of your seat. Star Wars: The Old Republic has revealed its first species. That’s right! In an exclusive play session with TheGalacticStruggle. com Bioware revealed the first non-human species whose story you will be able to tell: Rattataki.
Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer reveals new information about questing and content
In Guild Wars, we’re all familiar with the quest system and the giant green exclamation point. In such an immersive and beautiful world, it’s admittedly a bit jarring when an NPC has that strange floaty thing that sticks out like a sore thumb — or like a giant lime-green exclamation point. Filling your field of vision with a big black rectangle with a few paragraphs of text and a “check yes or no” acceptance option didn’t exactly alleviate the problem.
DDO jumps to third-most-popular spot in MMO survey
Several interesting changes have come about in the past year: former World of Warcraft players are turning to different games than they have in the past, the subscription model is a lot less popular these days, and Dungeons and Dragons Online has knocked Guild Wars out of the comfy #3 spot it enjoyed for the two previous years.
Examining the Peregrine: Do we need another Power Glove?
At first glance, this glove looks like something you’d wear to batting practice or to tee off on the 9th hole, but it really is a fascinating piece of comfortable electronics. However, is it something that we, as MMO gamers, would need or even want?

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