Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World has been selected as one of Joystiq’s E3 Standouts this year. It’s got everything an old school gamer could want: a 2D beat-em-up foundation, pixel art by Pirate Baby’s Cabana creator Paul Robertson and a chiptune soundtrack by Anamanaguchi — not to mention it’s based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s seminal rock and roll Canadian comic. Can it get any more geek chic than that?

We spoke with Ubisoft production manager Marc-Andre Boivin to learn more about how this nugget of awesomeness came about, the PSN timed-exclusivity agreement and our one disappointment so far: the game’s lack of online co-op. The full interview follows.

Joystiq: This Scott Pilgrim game is sparkling with indie charm, and yet it’s being made by Ubisoft — a big company. How did this project come about at Ubisoft?

Marc-Andre Boivin: From my understanding, Universal first proposed a project to Ubisoft, and it was the vision of the initial director and the initial team. They worked with [Scott Pilgrim creator] Bryan Lee O’Malley, with the creative team in place, and they found that the beat-em-up style with the pixel art style was a good direction to go.

I think everyone agreed at that time that this could be interesting, and I think the creator of the books, Bryan Lee O’Malley, liked the genre as well. So they started the project that way. Since the beginning, that was the vision — a beat-em-up with the pixel art style that we have.

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