John Greiner was president of the US-based Hudson Entertainment for five years, and worked for Hudson Soft in Japan for fifteen years before that. Now, he’s taken his expertise in the Japanese game industry and applied it to a new project, the digital distribution-focused publishing firm MonkeyPaw Games, a company that will specialize in remaking and localizing Japanese games from the past and present.

In an interview conducted during E3, Greiner explained the new company’s plans, opined on 3D and his favorite “lost” Japanese games, and provided valuable insight on what it’s like to do business in Japan.

Joystiq: Details were scarce when you made the announcement of MonkeyPaw Games earlier this month.

John Greiner: The reason we didn’t want to release many titles — what we’re doing — is because we are having another release shortly, but first we wanted to show who the company was and what we’re trying to do. The foundation of the company is the bridge that we give between Japan and the West.

As you know, there are lots of Japanese games that never made it to the West, and should have made it to the West, but for whatever reason — usually a lack of understanding on the Japanese side that there is a market for Japanese games in America and in the West. What we plan to do is form a community of like-minded gamers, people who want to see a lot of these great Japanese games come to the West.

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