After publishing our E3 2010 preview of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, we worried that we hadn’t adequately captured and conveyed the game’s bizarre concept. We’re not the only ones left a bit speechless by the amazing Ghost in the Rube Goldberg Machine adventure — ooh, that’s a good way to put it! — as even the game’s director, Shu Takumi, thought it a challenge to explain his new mystery game to the “bigwigs” at Capcom.

Joystiq: When you first had the idea for Ghost Trick, you had to go to someone and say, “Hey, we should make this game. ” I want to hear what that first day was like, and what their reaction was.

Shu Takumi: Since I made the Ace Attorney series for so long, I was like, “Please let me do something new! ” So I went up to the bigwigs and said this, and they said, “You go ahead and do what you want, we’ll see what happens. ” The concept was really difficult to explain, so they were like, “Okay okay, why don’t you make something and we’ll see how it goes. ” So, that’s what happened when I first presented the idea to make a new mystery game.

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