In Taiwan they won a $19 million contract and in Malaysia an $US85 million contract. Yesterday the opposition finance spokesman, Andrew Robb, launched a scathing attack on Sydney radio over the scandal and the refusal by Mr Quigley and Mr Beaufret to accept any responsibility. But the Coalition has said the bribery scandal casts doubt on the government’s $36 billion broadband network. ”Mr Quigley was the president and the chief operating officer. In Honduras they paid for $US47 million worth of contracts. Alcatel won contracts worth more than $US300 million in Costa Rica in return for illegal payments of $US18 million to fake consultants. Only two Alcatel executives have been named as part of the case, a French citizen and a Costa Rican. ”The two senior men at the NBN along with Senator Conroy, they just can’t wipe their hands of this thing. The unnamed Alcatel executive, who is a French national, paid the bribes from the coffers of Alcatel’s Swiss subsidiary Alcatel Standard, US court documents obtained by the Herald show. The French telco giant is the sole supplier of telecommunications equipment to NBN Co. The broadband spokesman, Malcolm Turnbull, said it raised questions about how the men could serve in such senior positions and be unaware of millions of dollars in bribes flowing to government officials. This Mr Beaufret was the chief financial officer through the whole period under question and is now the chief financial officer for the NBN.”

He said it ”beggars belief” that neither of them had played a role in the decision to appoint Alcatel as the sole supplier of telecommunications equipment to the project. It is too big a program for Australia and transparency finally needs to be applied to the people running this big project.” ”They ran Alcatel,” he told radio station 2GB. Both have been charged, but one has escaped custody and is an international fugitive. The NBN statement said: ”The actions of a number of individual Alcatel-Lucent employees … fell outside the accountability and jurisdiction of both Mr Quigley and Mr Beaufret”. NBN Co has issued a statement saying Mr Quigley and Mr Beaufret were not involved in the payment of millions of dollars in bribes between 2002 and 2006. The remaining Alcatel executives involved in the scam have been given pseudonyms in US court documents, fuelling international speculation as to their identities.
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The chief executive of NBN Co, Mike Quigley, was one of the highest executives at Alcatel during the four years when its staff were paying kickbacks in return for lucrative contracts. From 2004 to 2007, the chief financial officer of NBN Co, Jean-Pascal Beaufret, sat on the board of the Alcatel subsidiary that oversaw the work of the unnamed executive who is at the centre of the scandal, which has cost the company $137 million in fines imposed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. THE two top executives of the company rolling out the national broadband network have tried to distance themselves from an international corruption scandal that is engulfing their former employer, the French telco giant Alcatel.