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Apple’s new gadget line-up

Apple takes the wraps off new iPods and a revamped Apple TV, along with a move into social networking.

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs announced a new line of iPods today, including a Nano model that has a touch screen and lacks buttons, as well as announcing a smaller version of Apple TV.

Like previous versions, the Nano has a built-in FM tuner and can display photos. But instead of buttons, controls for playing, pausing and selecting music are right on the screen. It will cost $199 for the 8 gigabyte version and $229 for 16 gigabytes.

Jobs also introduced a new iPod Shuffle, the lowest-end music player in Apple’s line. Like the past generation, it can speak the names of playlists and songs. But unlike the most recent of the tiny music players, it brings back the square shape and buttons of Apple’s second-generation Shuffle. It will cost $69.

Revealed ... Apple CEO Steve Jobs launches the new products.

Revealed … Apple CEO Steve Jobs launches the new products. Photo: Getty Images

In a refresh to the iPod Touch, Apple is adding video chat features similar to the newest iPhone. It has a front-facing camera for conducting video chats with other iPod Touch and iPhone users over Wi-Fi using Apple’s FaceTime program. A camera on the back can be used for taking snapshots and recording video. Prices range from $289 to $499.

Jobs also said iPhone users will be getting a software update that offers the ability to upload high-definition video over Wi-Fi. And when people take photos, the new software will save three slightly different copies that, when combined, make for a sharper image.

The new software is version 4.1 of the iOS system. It will be available next week for free, initially for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.

The iPad currently runs an older version, though Jobs says an update coming in November will add such features as wireless printing to Apple’s tablet computer. Apple had been criticised for making a powerful device but hobbling it by not including any ports for USB devices such as printers or thumb drives.

Apple TV

The new iPod lineup.

The new iPod line-up. Photo: Apple

Apple says it will sell a new, smaller version of its Apple TV device for streaming movies and television shows over the internet and into the living room.

The new Apple TV will only let people rent, not buy, content. For first-run high-definition movies the day they come out on DVD, people will have to pay $US4.99. High-definition TV show rentals will be $US0.99.

Apple TV has been around since 2007, but it hasn’t caught on with the mainstream. It doesn’t record shows the way TiVo and other digital video recorders do.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs displays the new AppleTV at news conference in San Francisco.
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Steve Jobs launches Apple’s new iPods

Apple CEO Steve Jobs displays the new AppleTV at news conference in San Francisco. Photo: AP

  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs displays the new AppleTV at news conference in San Francisco.
  • Steve Jobs, chief executive officer of Apple, announces the new range.
  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs speaks during an Apple Special Music Event in San Francisco.
  • Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs speaks on stage, with images of the iPod Shuffle (L-R), iPod Nano and iPod Touch projected onscreen.
  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs hols up the new Apple iPod Shuffle at a news conference in San Francisco.
  • The new iPod Touch.
  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs discusses the features of the new Apple iPod nano at a news conference in San Francisco.
  • An Apple employee holds a new Apple iPod Nano, upper right, as the new iPod Shuffle, bottom right, and iPod Touch, left, are shown.
  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs shows an image of the new Apple Store in Shanghai at a news conference in San Francisco.
  • The new Apple iPod Nano.
  • The new Apple iPod Nanos.
  • Apple CEO Steve Jobs announces upgraded versions of the entire iPod line.
  • Chris Martin, lead singer for the band Coldplay, performs during the Apple launch event.

At an event in San Francisco, Jobs said the current Apple TV setup is too complicated for average consumers.

The price of the box is $129.

Jobs appeared at the media event in a crew neck rather than his trademark mock turtleneck.

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