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Furthermore 39 per cent asked for directions to their nearest restaurant. Increasingly advertisers are opting to have their location shown on Google’s map products so that when a query is typed into Google’s search engine on a mobile phone up comes an address and phone number for that business and, most importantly, how to get there. Location-based marketing – whether it be harvesting information about your whereabouts or simply sending you ads – is the next boom area for marketers.   Jason Buchanan of GPS Innovations, a company specialising in satellite positioning technology, said devices can be fitted on handbags, suitcases or simply clipped on to a person to help market researchers track their movements as they move around the city. ”Location is the new demographic. By the end of the year ads for fast food operators, petrol stations, hotels and pharmacies will begin appearing on mobile phones that have opted in to receive advertising messages. WHERE you are rather than who you are appears to be what the marketers want to know. It’s not just about age, gender and socio-economics,” said Kirk Mitchell vice-president of sales at Navteq, which is behind the new technology. ”Now an advertiser can reach consumers when they are in a geographic position to buy and, in many cases, compel them to do so with coupons and special offers.”

Google reports one in three searches made by people on their smartphones is for information about services close to their location. Mobile phones and satellite navigation systems are emerging as tools for companies to help them investigate shopping habits as well as serve up ads based on your location. In trials Navteq ran in Europe for a fast food chain, recipients were 14 times more likely to click through for more information than a regular banner ad on a mobile phone. The technology could be used to track young people’s safe driving habits so that they could get better deals from insurers. All too often when asked by market researchers to recall where we were, what we did and how long we spent doing it, the mind goes blank. Similar ads will appear on car satellite navigation systems as soon as the company that owns the technology is able to figure out how to prevent the ads from distracting drivers. But marketers are also considering the use of global satellite technology to verify market research.

The Joystiq Podcast wasn’t the only regular feature that we were to slammed to produce last week — the rigors of E3 2010 also prevented us from doing the Weekly Webcomic Wrapup. As such, we’ve decided to include our favorite comics from the past two weeks this time around. We’re sure you won’t mind; as busy as we were writing the news last week, we’re sure you were equally busy consuming it.

Below you’ll find our seven favorite comics from the past fourteen days. Give them all a once-over, and vote for your favorite in the poll posted after the jump!

Finally (Brawl in the Family)
This is Why (Virtual Shackles)
Evolution (Extra Life)
Establishing Kinection (Digital Unrest)
Secreting Digestive Ichor (Penny Arcade)
It Would Literally Blow Your Mind (Of Noobs and Men)
What Fans Want (Nerf Now)

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The war for dominance over the motion-controlled gaming market escalated significantly earlier this week, when Microsoft’s Kinect gained an endorsement from one of the world’s foremost cultural leaders: Teen sensation Justin Bieber. Click past the jump to see the intro video to one of Bieber’s recent performances: A clip which shows Bieber and company trying out Dance Central and Kinect Adventures, unlocking a few lucrative (albeit fake) Achivements along the way.

Of course, that’s just the first half of the video posted after the break. We won’t judge you for watching the second half of said video, which features Bieber’s opening number. We’re not too proud to admit that we viewed the entire thing — but only because we’re fascinated by the technology which must have gone into creating this bionic boy.

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According to Siliconera, the latest issue of Famitsu confirms what a source (and the OFLC ratings board) told Joystiq: Taito’s ever-adapting shooter, Space Invaders Infinity Gene, is being released on Xbox 360 and PS3. The game appears in the magazine’s table of contents.

Additionally, 1UP reports that other Japanese game magazines have confirmed the Infinity Gene console release, which is said to be a downloadable port of the iPhone game for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Even if it’s just a direct port, we relish the opportunity to play this already-great game without covering up any of the screen with a big fat finger.

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The Dead Space universe just got a bit less lonely. EA announced two more projects for the property, this time an animated feature called Dead Space Aftermath, available January 2011, and a graphic novel called Dead Space Salvage, expected out December 2010. Perfect for those of you who love Dead Space, but somehow hate video games.

The animated Aftermath tells the story of a group sent by the Government to the site of the Aegis VII disaster, specifically to be exposed to Marker shards, in order to create a carrier for a “Marker blueprint. ” Of course, the people don’t know that’s why they’ve been brought there, and since it’s horror (and Dead Space) we can expect the expedition to go … well, not great. The Salvage comic, published by IDW, is about a group called the “Magpies” who come across the abandoned Ishimura, which is full of candy Government agents and necromorphs.

We’ll learn more details about these projects during today’s Comic-Con panel, “Building a Horror Entertainment Franchise: Dead Space 2. “

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Preview: Time Crisis Razing Storm

Who knew the PlayStation Move controllers had such powerful rumble motors? Time Crisis returns to PS3, this time with support for Sony’s new motion controller. (Although, you can still use a Guncon! ) More so than previous Time Crisis games, Razing Storm is about causing as much destruction as possible. Instead of wielding a handgun, your characters are armed with machine guns — giving the Move’s rumble motors a thorough workout.

The gameplay will be largely familiar to anyone that’s played an on-rails shooter before. You duck to dodge and reload and, in typical Time Crisis fashion, a countdown appears around enemies that are getting ready to shoot. However, the flow of the gameplay has drastically changed, as the player is far more powerful than any previous Time Crisis protagonist. Equipped with a machine gun, you’ll be able to tear through the environment, bursting through cover. It makes it quite easy to mow down the dozens of enemies that are rushing at you on the screen.

“Are those zombies? ,” I asked a Namco Bandai representative. “No, those are terrorists,” they responded.

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The public demo for Kane & Lynch 2 — requiring no subscriptions or hoop jumping — will release sometime next week. The PlayStation 3 demo will go live Tuesday, July 27. As for the PC and Xbox 360 versions, um, Square Enix doesn’t seem to be too sure, but the company line is “next week. ” The demos should be available in North America, Europe and other PAL territories.

Kane and Lynch’s Dog Days will start on August 17 and 24 in North America and the PAL lands, respectively.

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Screenshots showing what Facebook Places looks like on the mobile.
they focus on tips and they focus on the game-like elements of the service … When users check in somewhere they can see recent checkins from friends and their comments. The feature will be gradually rolled out on Facebook’s servers from today and users can access it from the Facebook iPhone application or, for users of other smartphones that support HTML5, from touch.facebook.com. “We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about a number of safeguards that we could add as well as the right defaults that people should have,” said Sharon. The Australian launch follows recent launches in the US, Canada and Japan. “The big differentiator for us is that this is all about sharing where you are with your friends, not just broadcasting it to the world.” Keen to avoid another privacy backlash, Facebook stressed the service would be opt-in and users would have to check in to venues before their location was revealed on their page. “If some of your friends hang out at the Hog’s Breath Cafe then perhaps that’s the reaason why it’s at the top of the list,” said Facebook Places product manager Michael Sharon. When users open up Places they are provided with a list of venues – restaurants, bars, businesses, shopping centres, etc – near them, which is ranked according to distance and other factors. Facebook users in Australia can share their location with friends from today after the social networking website launched its Places feature. Facebook said Places would enable “serendipitous meetings” between friends who are near each other. “Foursquare is really based on exploring a city … [such as] rewards and achievements,” said Sharon. Users are always notified when tagged by someone and can always remove any tag. But Sharon said the feature wouldn’t mean the death of Foursquare. Users get notifications if friends check in somewhere close to them. Places is highly similar to location-based apps like Foursquare and Gowalla, both of which have signed up as partners with Facebook to use the Places API. Friends who are out together can also check each other in to locations, but Facebook stressed that users could only tag people who are on their friends list and people who don’t want friends to tag them can turn the feature off in the privacy settings. The default privacy setting would be to share with “friends only” and users can even restrict location sharing to specific friends or groups of friends.

When we’re closest to death, that’s when we feel most alive. We’re pretty sure somebody said that once. What better way to truly feel alive than to fight ferocious animals to the death? Too bad all of those guns and vests and airfare really add up.

We’ve got a relatively safer and cheaper solution: Cabela’s North American Adventures. It’s the newest entry in the Cabela line of titles, Activision announced today — set to grace the Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP and Wii systems this September. The Wii version will ship with the Top Shot gun peripheral that debuted with Cabela’s Big Game Hunter 2010.

Cabela’s North American Adventures will ship with a custom gun utility that allows players to create their own weapons from a variety of different receivers, stocks, barrels and scopes, and also provides players with their own in-game cameraman. He should come in handy should you run out of ammo and need something to distract the bears while you make your escape.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game will allow up to four players to connect via the internet and engage in group hunts. Performances will then be added to an online leaderboard to find out who’s best at killing Bambi’s mom.

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You’ll definitely want to watch this gameplay clip of inFamous 2. Not only does it show off Cole’s new look, it highlights the revamped graphics engine, improved “in your face” camera . .. and best of all, a new power.

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