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Apps are ‘tracking’ users

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  TraintDroid’s findings suggest that smartphones are becoming another outlet for advertisers to track people. Two also shared mobile phone number and sim card identifiers with random servers, whose owners could not be identified. The study’s lead author, William Enck, who is completing his PhD at Pennsylvania State University, said: ”We were surprised by how many of the studied applications shared our information without our knowledge or consent.”

A spokeswoman from Google said on all computing devices, desktop or mobile, users needed to entrust at least some of their information to the developer of the application. The applications assessed included BBC News Live Stream, MySpace and Solitaire, which can be downloaded on smartphones using the popular Google-owned Android operating system. Using a technique called ”taint tracking”, the researchers tagged sensitive information held within their test phone, such as the phone’s ID numbers and location, which can be traced when accessed by an application or if it leaves the phone via its wireless internet connection. ”We provide developers with best practices about how to handle user data.”

Users were also free to uninstall applications at any time, the spokeswoman said. Do you know more?


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POPULAR mobile phone applications are sharing sensitive information about users, including their location, with advertising companies, a study has found. Of the 30 applications, 15 sent sensitive information, including the phone’s location, to several advertising companies’ servers. A group of computer engineers wrote a computer program called TaintDroid and installed it on a smartphone to monitor how 30 apps – mobile phone programs for the likes of social networking and downloadable games – were using sensitive information.

Ten popular Facebook applications have been reportedly transmitting user IDs to advertising and Internet tracking companies.

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You’ll definitely want to watch this gameplay clip of inFamous 2. Not only does it show off Cole’s new look, it highlights the revamped graphics engine, improved “in your face” camera . .. and best of all, a new power.

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Wow! Are we halfway through 2010 already? Time flies when there’s lots to write about in PC gaming, apparently. This week we thought would be fairly slow, but instead it turned out to be overwhelmingly busy. Let’s take a look at the past seven days at Big Download, shall we? We shall!

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Fairfax apps released

Pippa Leary, managing director media at the publisher’s digital arm, Fairfax Digital, said users could chose from 100 sections whose genres of news were displayed on the screen. Respondents to a Fairfax survey said that they were willing to pay for the ability to customise and personalise news on their iPhones. Readers who subscribe over a six-month period to Fairfax’s apps will pay $12.99, representing a discount of 15 per cent. Fairfax Media chief executive and managing director Brian McCarthy called the development a ”milestone” in the company’s ”delivery of content through digital platforms”. More than 1.1 million access Fairfax’s news websites on mobile phones, the vast majority of which are iPhones. The amount of content available to view on the apps will be comparable to that found on Fairfax’s news websites, but considerably more than the snapshot made available on the company’s mobile-enabled sites. au, WAtoday.com.au, and brisbanetimes.com.au. It is aimed at what we call newsphiles – those people who access a news website four to six times a day,” said Ms Leary. ”We have built this app specifically for this screen to give people the best viewing experience. Fairfax is among many newspaper groups around the world looking to smartphones and tablets such as the iPad as a source of revenue, as people turn increasingly to the internet and mobile devices for news and weather. It is thought to be the first time a publisher has introduced a subscription model for iPhone apps. Until now most newspaper publishers have charged a one-off fee. FAIRFAX Media today releases a suite of applications to enable readers to customise their news on their Apple iPhones. Readers will be charged $2.49 a month to download the apps from Apple’s iTunes store for smh.com.au, theage.com. Apps for other smartphones are in development, Fairfax said.

Level-5′s White Knight Chronicles may have had some issues, but it’s not stopping the company from pursuing a sequel, set to be released in Japan next month. It would seem the series is also extending to Sony’s PSP, as the latest issue of Japanese mag Famitsu (via Andriasang) reveals a PSP entry set for a 2011 launch.

While White Knight Chronicles 2 wraps up the story of Leonard and the events set in motion by the first game, the PSP game will introduce a new story and characters. “And then, to a new world,” the text on the teaser page announces. White Knight Chronicles New Project. A story of your avatar and new allies, told on the PlayStation Portable, is set to start in 2011.”

JoystiqFamitsu: White Knight Chronicles coming to PSP in 2011 originally appeared on Joystiq on Wed, 30 Jun 2010 11:03:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Soviet product … Photo: Getty Images among Alexander Lebedev’s residences is a stately home in Hampton Court Palace.

“Assange said that Russians will soon find out a lot about their country and he wasn’t bluffing,” Novaya Gazeta said. Novaya Gazeta, the Moscow newspaper controlled by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and billionaire Alexander Lebedev, said it agreed to join forces with WikiLeaks to expose corruption in Russia. “Our collaboration will expose corruption at the top tiers of political power. Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, which publishes secret government and corporate documents online, has materials specifically about Russia that haven’t been published yet and Novaya Gazeta will help make them public, the newspaper said on its website today. No one is protected from the truth.”
diplomatic and military documents. The newspaper will start releasing materials next month. Novaya Gazeta correspondent Anna Politkovskaya, who wrote about graft under then-President Vladimir Putin and chronicled abuses by military forces in Chechnya, was shot dead in her Moscow apartment building in 2006, on Putin’s birthday. He turned himself in to British authorities Dec. WikiLeaks was condemned by the U.S. The weekly newspaper is known in an industry dominated by state-run companies for its critical reports of the Kremlin and investigative coverage of Russian affairs. Assange was released from a London prison on bail on Dec. Novaya Gazeta received unlimited access to the WikiLeaks database, which has a “wide range” of materials, including documents about Politkovskaya’s murder as well as information about Russian politicians’ ties to organized crime, Nadezhda Prusenkova, a Novaya Gazeta spokeswoman, said by phone from Moscow. Bloomberg 16. government for posting thousands of classified U.S. 7 after Sweden issued a warrant for his extradition on counts of sexual molestation and rape. “When people communicate, they sometimes use very harsh language and if such a leak had happened from our Foreign Ministry or secrete services, many of our partners, including Americans, would have got an emotional charge after reading ‘kind words’ about themselves,” Medvedev said during a meeting with students in Mumbai today. ‘Kind words’

President Dmitry Medvedev said the documents published by WikiLeaks don’t hurt Russia’s interests and that the Russian authorities don’t care what’s being discussed in diplomatic circles.

Photo: AFP Famous friends … Lebedev with J.K. Rowling and the former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev.

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When we announced Front Mission Evolved‘s September 14th launch date we joked that Square Enix had neglected to check the calendar. You know, because September 14 is also “International Halo: Reach Day,” a notable religious holiday. Also there’s another video game coming out that day.

Now Front Mission Evolved has been pushed back two weeks, to September 28. The funny thing is, other high-profile games are arriving on that new launch date — sometimes you just need to mecha decision, we guess.

JoystiqFront Mission Evolved pushed back to September 28, 2010 originally appeared on Joystiq on Wed, 21 Jul 2010 22:01:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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”If infrastructure is built, we will ensure we make the best use of it.” He ruled out removing cables that are being installed around the country by the government-owned NBN Co. The opposition’s communications spokesman, Malcolm Turnbull, has conceded the Coalition would not ”tear up” what had already been built of the national broadband network if it won the next federal election, saying it would put any infrastructure to good use. ”Clearly, we would not be tearing anything up,” he said at a banking conference. After being appointed to ”demolish” the Gillard government’s planned network, Mr Turnbull yesterday told a business audience in Sydney the Coalition would take a ”hard-headed” look at the project if elected.

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Paul Budde, a telecommunications consultant who supports the network, said Mr Turnbull’s comments made sense because the public was growing tired of the Coalition’s ”black-and-white” attacks on the network. Mr Turnbull is expected to provide further details on his thinking on competition in the sector in a speech in Melbourne today. So far, the network has been introduced to test sites in Tasmania and work has also begun in mainly rural areas. However, he did not endorse this approach. NBN Co is expected to provide fresh details soon on how the government’s promise to prioritise rural areas will affect the costs and timetable of the installation. The executive chairman of NBN Co, Mike Quigley, will also speak today in Melbourne, making his first public comments since the election campaign. In a possible clue into the opposition’s thinking, Mr Turnbull explored a ”structural separation” of Telstra – of its wholesale and retail arms – without building a whole new broadband network. Mr Turnbull’s concession reflects pressures on the Coalition to explain where it stands on broadband. The opposition has so far focused on attacking the cost of the network and calling for a cost-benefit analysis, but it is understood some senior Liberals see developing a clearer policy on how they would support wider access to broadband as a high priority.