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Super Mario Galaxy был одним из самых привлекательных transportive саундтреки из всех игр в текущей консоли поколения, с тем знакомым как новый набор радикальных оркестровую партитуру. Чтобы показать, 'ы после не менее впечатляющих сопровождения СОМ / пользователей / MahitoYokota "> канал YouTube, которая якобы принадлежит композитору Mahito Шериф загрузил все треки с Super Mario Galaxy 2 в 1 плейлист.

Вы можете COM / пользователей / MahitoYokota "> прослушать здесь, несмотря на треки имена может включать незначительные, мелкие спойлеры. Если вы можете пострадать, 'Re в за вечер, полный счастья, вызывая музыки.

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If you’re one of those cautious, try-before-you-buy types, you may want to check out the recently posted beta application for Atari’s online racer, Test Drive Unlimited 2. It’s pretty much your basic application: Name, gender, address, computer specs, which consoles you own, how long you spend playing games each week, and detailed report on your sexual history over the past eighteen months.

You’ll need to register for an Atari account to fill in these parameters, thought if you’ve already got a Champions Online or Star Trek Online account, you should already have access to the application. Also, we were kidding about the whole “sexual history” thing. They only want to know about the past six months. Whew!

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Joining the mighty Thor in Marvel vs. Capcom 3‘s character lineup is Amaterasu, sun goddess, white wolf and star of Capcom’s Okami. She may be the smallest fighter on the roster, but, as you can see in the video after the break, she’s as fierce as she is amazingly rendered.

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Square Enix’s pre-order bonus for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep might not be extravagant, but it is … adhesive. Putting money down at Amazon, GameStop or Best Buy will net you the system-bestickering decals shown, in light and dark variants so as to stand out on any color scheme.

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Copies of the DJ Hero 2 turntable bundle or “Party Bundle” from Gamestop will include the Puma turntable bag seen above. As far as pre-order bonuses go, this is basically a win-win for Activision, Gamestop, and you (probably Puma as well).

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Photo: Andrew Meares Won’t back down … Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.
“It is not the government’s role to be a net nanny. The big ISPs, including Optus, Telstra and iPrimus, have already pledged to block child-abuse websites voluntarily. This material includes child sexual abuse imagery, bestiality, sexual violence and detailed instruction in crime,” she said. “One may wonder exactly what underlies this relentless pursuit of a mirage, given that there is just about zero support outside the cabinet,” said Landfeldt. University of Sydney Associate Professor Bjorn Landfeldt said, given the catastrophic election result after only one term in government, it was “remarkable” the government was “pushing the very issues that undermined their credibility, rather than focusing their energy on important societal issues”. After intense criticism of the policy, including that “refused classification” included innocuous and politically sensitive material, Senator Conroy announced just before the election that his policy would be delayed until a review of RC classification guidelines could be conducted by state and territory censorship ministers. This effectively means any internet filtering legislation will be delayed until next year, by which time the Greens will hold the balance of power in the Senate. “It [the RC review] was quite transparently a political stalling tactic but that didn’t make it a bad idea,” he said. The Opposition pledged to bring back free voluntary PC-based internet filters for families, which existed under the Howard government but were scrapped by Senator Conroy to make way for his mandatory ISP-level filter. It’s a waste of public servants’ time who for the next 10 months are going to be progressing a mandatory filter proposal that has no chance of passing either house of parliament now.”

Senator Ludlam said Senator Conroy should “get past this fixation” with the filter and turn his attention to other looming issues such as net neutrality and the Attorney-General’s data retention proposal. In fact, last year Oakeshott helped a teenage campaigner in his electorate with a petition arguing the filter should be scrapped. Senator Ludlam said in a phone interview that he wanted the review of RC guidelines to still go ahead but the government should drop the internet filtering policy altogether. The Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, is ploughing ahead with his internet filter policy despite there being virtually no chance any enabling legislation will pass either house of Parliament. “Surely it is no longer a matter of believing that the policy would benefit the general public.”

The government is preparing to introduce legislation forcing ISPs to block a blacklist of websites that have been “refused classification” (RC) by government bureaucrats. It is the role of every single household,” Oakeshott told the Port Macquarie News at the time. “[The filter] is just a complete waste of chamber time. Wilkie, Windsor and Katter could not be reached for comment but a spokesman for Oakeshott said he was against the filter. The Greens communications spokesman, Scott Ludlam, has called on the government to end the facade and drop the internet censorship scheme once and for all, as it was wasting time and taxpayers’ money. “The government does not support Refused Classification material being available on the internet. But before it gets to the Senate the legislation would need to pass the House of Representatives, meaning Labor would need the support of Greens MP Adam Bandt and the independents Andrew Wilkie, Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor and Bob Katter. The Greens have already said they would oppose the legislation, as has the Opposition. “There is no shortage of important issues and challenges for the government to focus on.”

Despite the intense opposition, Senator Conroy is pushing ahead with the filter and has revealed “a suite of transparency measures to accompany the policy and ensure people can have faith in the RC content list”, a spokeswoman said. “Recent OECD reports tell us the investment and quality of our higher education system is falling behind other developed countries; with the ludicrous house prices Australians can no longer move out of home, etc,” said Landfeldt. This narrower, voluntary approach has long been advocated by internet experts and brings Australia into line with other countries such as Britain. A wide range of experts on the internet and child protection have long argued that a mandatory filter would be ineffective as it was easy to bypass, would not capture even a small percentage of the nasty content on the web and would give parents a false sense of security. The data retention proposal is being pushed by the Australian Federal Police and could see all web browsing history of Australian internet users logged for law enforcement to access. Independent MP Rob Oakeshott, the Opposition and the Greens have all come out against the policy, leaving it effectively dead in the water.

STEVE SLAYO sat glued to his bedroom computer into the early morning hours, stewing over plans by the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, to impose filters on internet content. Slayo wrote a protest letter to Mr Conroy that he never posted, but the bright VCE student later flexed his considerable computer skills in helping to launch damaging ”hacker” attacks on Australian government websites. A court yesterday heard Slayo, 19, incited ”distributed denial of service attacks” organised by an American mastermind on government websites that included Mr Conroy’s and then prime minister Kevin Rudd’s.
Student with a grudge … Steve Slayo with his girlfriend Lisa outside court yesterday.
Defence lawyer Melainie Vinton said Slayo had ”repeated directives given by others further up the chain”, including an American nicknamed ”Pulsar”, the main co-ordinator of the raids. Ms Vinton said Slayo once sat in his bedroom at his computer to ”all hours of the night”, but his lifestyle was now more balanced – he had a girlfriend, played sport and piano and focused on his studies in pharmaceutical science. With the operator privileges and through his ”fight censorship” website and forum he later allowed unknown people to enter the channel. Commonwealth prosecutor Stephen Young said Slayo’s sophisticated and co-ordinated offences exploited the ”anonymity of the internet” to bring down the websites and attract media attention. Slayo, using the online pseudonym, Rand, became a ”channel operator”, able to remove people from forums and to moderate discussion. Ms Vinton said Slayo, who had legitimate concerns about planned filters, believed the internet ”should be fully accessible to everyone”. Mr Young said an Australian Federal Police high-tech crime investigations team acted on February 5 after a group posted plans to attack the sites through an ”internet relay chat”. ”Unfortunately, he chose very much the wrong way to go in sticking his hand up.”

She told magistrate Donna Bakos, who questioned his motivation, that police found a letter to Mr Conroy in his mother’s home that ”detailed his legitimate concerns in relation to censorship of the internet”. He said Mr Conroy’s website was forced off-line ”for some time” and the parliamentary site was unavailable for more than five hours. Mr Young said the attacks, also unleashed on the parliamentary and Australian government websites, were designed to disrupt electronic infrastructure and ”embarrass the government over its stated policy of imposing internet filters”. Melbourne Magistrates Court heard that the attacks last February were designed to make certain websites inaccessible by flooding the host server with requests to establish connections. Ms Bakos will sentence him next month. After his arrest, Slayo admitted he encouraged others to ”attack Commonwealth computers” but had not participated. Mr Young said that, on February 10, Slayo used a channel to call for attacks on the Parliament site then redirected participants to Mr Conroy’s site. Slayo, a university student, of Roxburgh Park, pleaded guilty to four charges including one of inciting others to impair electronic communications and two of unauthorised access to restricted data.
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InstantAction CEO Louis Castle is a big fan of “the kind of big, complicated games that cost a lot of money to make,” he says. But he left a job making just those kinds of games at EA’s Los Angeles studio in order to focus on finding “a new way to get the money needed to make those games. ” Without such a solution, Castle says we’re “headed for a disaster in the retail space. “

The core cause of this impending disaster, Castle argued in a keynote presentation at the Develop Conference in Brighton today, is the big-budget, hit-driven focus that has overtaken the industry. This mentality has made it hard to make a game with a budget of less than $20 million and hard to profit on a game that doesn’t hit the top 20, Castle said. “Really, we’re becoming the worst of what Hollywood did become at one point before the independent film festivals and such,” he said.

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This caused some computers to get delayed responses from those servers, and an older version of Skype’s Windows software improperly processed the responses, crashing Skype for about 20 per cent of users. Rabbe said the issue, which began last Wednesday, started when a group of servers running offline instant messaging overloaded. A software glitch caused Skype’s major outage last week, the internet calling and messaging service said. In a blog post, chief information officer Lars Rabbe said the 24-hour outage that cut service for nearly all of Skype’s users stemmed from a problem in a version of Skype’s software for computers running Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

That was 10 per cent less than the usual traffic for the time of day, as some people still could not log on. A year ago, eBay sold its majority stake in the business for about $2 billion to an investor group that includes Skype’s founders. Skype’s popularity around the globe stems in large part from the free or cheap calls it provides. Skype has indicated that it wants to list its shares on the Nasdaq Stock Market. Subscribers will be credited with a week’s extra subscription service. At that point, voice calling, video-chatting and text-based instant messaging were working for most users, Bates said, but other features, such as offline instant messaging and group video calls, were still down. Skype’s software offers a range of free services, including the ability to make voice or video calls and send instant messages to other Skype users. In a video posted on the Skype blog, Bates said the problems “completely took almost every user offline.”

The service went down for almost all of its users starting at midday Eastern time on Wednesday. Computers that crashed included numerous “supernodes” – computers Skype likens to phone directories, helping users connect with each other – which resulted in a much larger outage as other available supernodes couldn’t handle all the user traffic. Users pay for services such as making calls from a PC to a landline or cell phone. On average, 124 million people use Skype each month, though the total number of registered users is more than four times that. The Luxembourg-based company said customers who pre-pay for service or are on pay-as-you-go plans will receive an e-mail with a voucher for 30 minutes of free calling to landlines anywhere in the world. AP Skype has since returned to operating normally. By Thursday afternoon, things had improved to the point where about 21 million users were logged in, said CEO Tony Bates. Other internet-based calling services that compete with the traditional phone system also have problems with consistent service. Earlier this year, AT&T Inc.’s Internet-based “U-verse” phone system went down for several hours, affecting 1.15 million customers.

James Bond is a man of action. Mere screenshots can’t do his daring justice. But a trailer? Now we’re talking. See Bond run, gun and generally blow things up good in the first trailer for James Bond 007: Blood Stone, which you’ll find after the break. It’s the kind of stuff that will leave fans of Her Majesty’s top super-spy shaken and stirred.

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