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Activision has declared war on the calm, blue and oh-so-smug skies with the announcement of Apache: Air Assault, a game where you don’t fly a cool airplane because you’re too busy piloting a freakin’ sweet helichopter. Russian developer Gaijin Entertainment (IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey) promises several variations of Apache birds, each outfitted with sick military weaponry, “highly-detailed damage modeling” and the ability to destroy tanks who are too stupid to fly into the air and fight back.

Due this fall on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Apache: Air Assault will offer an “Arcade” mode for those who want to blow things up right away, as well as a “Realistic” mode for players who to blow things up the right way. You can also expect competitive online multiplayer and a local co-op mode that has two people sitting in the same helichopter, going let’s go left no let’s go right oh it doesn’t matter because we can fire like sixteen missiles into that guy’s face this is awesome hahaha.

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Preview: Mafia 2 (and Mafia 2 3D)

Mafia 2 feels, from the demo we played, like it could just as easily be called Grand Theft Auto: Godfather. If that’s what you’re looking for from the mob-o-rama sequel, then celebrate by throwing someone off a pier with cement shoes.

It’s actually pretty hard to note anything unexpected or different in the Mafia 2 demo. Almost everything you’d expect from a game that borrows heavily from the GTA IV template is there, both the good and the bad.

Gallery: Mafia II

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According to Event Hubs, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono recently dropped a fairly sizable bomb on attendees of the company’s “Street Fighter Mania! : SSFIV and Beyond” panel at Comic-Con: Street Fighter X Tekken. The oft-rumored project will be developed by Capcom using the Street Fighter IV engine (only with two-fighter tag team battles), and will feature a number of fighters from Namco’s similarly successful fighting franchise, including Kazuya and Nina Williams.

But that’s not all! Ono also revealed that Namco Bandai would be developing Tekken X Street Fighter, which will be developed in-house at Tekken, and spearheaded by long-time franchise producer Katsuhiro Harada. Both titles will be released for 360 and PS3, though according to a cheeky slide at the end of the presentation, the current release window is “not for a while!” Update: Now with video!

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Dragon Age 2 screenshot

Saying that Dragon Age 2 has better graphics than its predecessor isn’t much of a compliment. Though Dragon Age: Origins remains one of our favorite games from 2009 (as a matter of fact, it was our #4 pick! ), on consoles, it looked like the game’s entire texture library was secretly replaced with macro photographs of roadkill.

The game’s announcement promised “updated graphics” and a “new visual style,” and the first two screenshots – part of Game Informer’s month-long look at the title – are certainly updated, but we’re not quite ready to call them “visually super hot” and we’re not seeing the “new visual style. ” The image above shows a highly detailed Hawke (remember, s/he’s the new Commander Shepard-esque lead) but look at that ground texture! The image after the break shows a new Ogre, some awkward Hurlocks, and Hawke’s not insignificant ups.

Be sure to peep the full-res images at Game Informer, then come back and tell us what you think. We’re going with: unconvinced but optimistic.

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“It was literally an exercise of about 20 minutes because it just came up, it happened, we went with it, and there you go,” new Danger Close studio head Greg Goodrich told us in an interview last night, explaining how he and two of his colleagues came up with the new name of their studio (formerly EA LA).

Late last evening, EA revealed that its Los Angeles-based development house would be rebranded. The studio is now known as Danger Close, which Goodrich told Joystiq is indicative of the reborn studio’s direction. “I think the core of what we’re doing right now and the sort of DNA of this team and this studio is the first-person shooter genre. I can’t foresee us doing anything other than that in the near future, and specifically Medal of Honor. ” Goodrich did add, however, that his hands aren’t tied creatively in terms of what the studio is allowed to do — be it first-person shooter or whatever else it might have in store.

That said, Goodrich wasn’t speaking about anything other than Medal of Honor, and he remained coy about his studio’s involvement with the game post-release. He’s proud of the mutliplayer component built by DICE, but he’s not ruling out Danger Close getting involved in multiplayer support, say through DLC. “Personally, I think that would be something that the guys here would be very excited about doing in the future,” he offered. “But, you know, we’re gonna see how this one works out and see how the fans accept it, and make those decisions at a later time. “

Goodrich is content to leave his studio’s future plans a mystery. “That’s also a part of creating your own identity and starting your own future, and throwing up a website that says ‘Now hiring,’” he teased. “There’s intent there. “

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TIGA’s years-long campaign to bring tax relief to the UK video game industry has come to a rather disappointing conclusion. Chancellor George Osbourne (pictured above) revealed the nation’s budget plans earlier today during a speech at Westminster, announcing that “planned tax relief for the video games industry will be canceled. ” According to TIGA CEO Richard Wilson, this surprising omission flies in the face of “pre-election pledges made by the Conservative Party and by the Liberal Democrats to support and introduce Games Tax Relief.”

GamesIndustry. biz points out that Osbourne’s proposed budget still benefits smaller, start-up developers in select parts of England, who will receive exemptions for £5,000 (about $7,400) of National Insurance contributions for each of their first 10 new hires; though this doesn’t come close to the sweeping tax reform promised to the UK games industry just a little over a month ago.

[Image credit: Auto Express]

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И не просто мошенник, а не хороший грязный мошенничество. По сообщению article”>Rockstar Games’ site, the next title update to Red Dead Redemption will bring with it “measures to counter hacking and cheating” on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Furthermore, a handful of “anti-grief” features will be added to the game’s Free Roam online mode. Apparently, cowpokes enduring repeated harassment from other online players will be given the choice to jump to another point (of their choosing) on the map. Завершения всех виновных griefing будет отмечаться в качестве таковой после 6 последовательных убивает, чтобы победить самых разыскиваемых статус и споры игры "с NPCs в отношении правонарушителя.

Rockstar обещает также продолжать следить за онлайн-игры для тех, кто творит зло действия после названия обновление живых "в течение следующего месяца, но потом, не т, что существование вне закона неизбежной реальностью Олд Запад?

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Preview: Portal 2 (co-op)

Chis Grant: So, lucky us, after the first full day of E3, you and I were the only pair to play Portal 2 together, cooperatively, without Valve. Valve writer Erik Wolpaw has been giving the the demo while playing as the second player, but he said he thought we looked like we could handle it on our own.
Richard Mitchell: It was surprising to me how quickly we fell into step, actually. If you’ve played Portal before, it’s kind of amazing how soon you start thinking cooperatively — figuring out how you need two people to solve a given puzzle. It’s a different experience, but it’s still Portal.

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 " Nintendo и Американской ассоциации сердца "состоится пресс-конференция в Нью-Йорке в понедельник, 17 мая. Письмо ndmViewId = news_view и новости и newsLang = 20100514005025 = еп "пресс-релиз> на мероприятие предоставляет никаких признаков, что объявление будет сделано, ы но Nintendo <следующем HREF =" http://joystiq. COM / теги / жизненности датчик Wii "> Vitality Датчик предназначен для измерения игрока с, импульс По видимому, скорее всего центре событий – и такие вещи Американской ассоциации сердца будут в совместном продвижение по службе. Кроме того, подчеркивается в только заявлении Wii, DS а не, что позволяет предположить, что это событие Wii.

С ДЛЯ жизнеспособность датчик предназначен com/2009/08/10/iwata-vitality-sensor-coming-not-too-late-in-2010/”>запуска 2010 , сейчас, кажется очень хорошее время для Nintendo, чтобы начать говорить об особенностях и программного обеспечения. Мы не может ждать, чтобы сказать " com/2009/07/10/whatll-you-say-when-you-finally-see-the-wii-vitality-sensor-gam / "> Ого, мы получили его.

<IMG SRC = "http://it.cmblog. ca/wp-content/plugins/wp-o-matic/cache/6f332_feedlogo. GIF "ALT = Joystiq" стиль "=" плавать: слева; обивка: 5px 5px 0 0 "/> <A HREF = http://www. Joystiq. com/2010/05/14/nintendo-and-american-heart-association-to-make-announcement / "> Nintendo и Американской ассоциации сердца, чтобы сделать объявление по 17 мая первоначально появилась на Joystiq на пт, 14 октября мая 2010 34 : 00 EST. Ознакомьтесь с нашими корма терминов ком / "> условиями для использования кормов.

20100514005025 ndmViewId news_view Новости и и еп newsLang = "> Читайте | com/2010/05/14/nintendo-and-american-heart-association-to-make-announcement /" относительной = "закладку" название = "Постоянная ссылка на этот пост "> Permalink | com/forward/19477520 /" заголовок = "Электронная почта" "> Email это | <A HREF = http://www.joystiq".

Major Nelson has spilled all of the proverbial beans on next week’s XBL content and deals, and it looks like the perfect time to catch up on some games you might have missed.

Leading the pack is Earthworm Jim HD, the long-awaited re-release of the only game in memory that lets you launch cows for fun and profit. It’ll be out on Wednesday, June 9, for 800 ($10). Red Faction Guerrilla and Need for Speed Undercover will be released for Games on Demand, and a demo for LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 will be out on Monday, June 7.

The deals are excellent as well — Worms 2: Armageddon, Duke Nukem 3D and Peggle (yes! ) will all be on sale next week for 40) ($5), and you’ll be able to get FPSes Serious Sam HD, Call of Duty Classic and Battlefield 1942 for just 800 ($10).

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